CREPIM (Centre de Recherche et d'Etudes pour les Procédés d'Ignifugation des Matériaux)

CREPIM plays a major role in Europe in guaranteeing and approving fire-retardant properties of materials.


CREPIM Have been provide fire test cover:

  • √ Mass Transport(Railway Vehicle,Marine,Aircraft,Car)
  • √ Building Materials
  • √ Electric & Electronic Equipments
  • √ Furniture & Textile

The increasing research on materials used in the various areas leads to a particularly appreciable increase in the use of organic polymers. However, the regulation evolution towards a greater fire-safety tends to control the use of many materials and imposes consequently a technological survey and permanent improvements.

CREPIM's activity focuses on the fire properties of polymeric materials. CREPIM brings a real support to industries in the domain of fire behaviour of materials by testing, developing, and following-up of the evolution of the standardization.


CREPIM activities feature areas:

  • Approving fire-retardant properties of materials
  • Assessment of the fire properties of materials
    • Flame propagation
    • Smoke opacity
    • Smoke toxicity
    • heat insulation
    • integrity
  • Participation in French and European Standardization Committees on plastics (TC 61), building (TC 92), and railways (TC 256);
  • Development of fire-retardant materials for various end use applications (thermoplastics and thermosetting materials);
  • Recycling of fire-retarded plastics;
  • Training for companies featuring
    • Developments and trends in European Fire Regulation regarding key sectors (mass transport, Electric & Electronic Equipments…),
    • European environmental regulation restricting the use of certain fire-retardant additives;
    • Latest strategies to fire-retard polymeric materials,

The laboratory works on thermoset and thermoplastic resins, on composite materials, as well as fire-retardant paints. CREPIM's aim is the development of fire-retardant materials that do not release opaque and toxic smokes.

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