Quality resource and Europe accreditation

Major actor at the Europe level, the CREPIM guarantees and validates the fire-resistant performances of materials

The requirement of the market

CREPIM is one of the major European laboratories for the qualification and approval of materials covered by fire regulations

Located in the heart of Europe, CREPIM test and develops fire-resistant formulas for companies working in the mass transportation sector (railway, aircrafts and ships),in the building, electrical, and textile sectors.

CREPIM’s test certificates are recognized at European and international level:

CREPIM is accredited by COFRAC (European accreditation) since 1999 in the fields of building, electrical equipments and railway equipments.

-What is COFRAC Accreditation?

The COFRAC label provides, with the European cooperation of accreditation, the European Guarantee that the products tested comply with the latest fire-safety requirements all over European Union. The COFRAC accreditation addresses issues such as impartiality, competence and reliability, leading to confidence in the comparability of certificates and reports across national borders.

CREPIM also got the official recognition form French railway operators SNCF/RATP since April 2003 for I&F testing that provide our customers with a strong link to railways market. This unique recognition represents a key opportunity to be in direct contact with the requirements of the various European markets, and also guarantees a straight access to these markets

These twin recognition accreditation allow manufactures to get a powerful link to building, mass transportation and electrical European markets.

Quality resources and Europe accreditation

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