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Fire safety involves requirements at three levels
1- Material to limit the flame spread, smoke and toxic release during a fire
2- Design to provide structure integrity and escape route to passengers
3- Organization by delivening clear options to fire brigades in team of communications tools, logistic (water drills, alarm systems…)

Fire tests are used to quality a product for a market; however, the test methods appear heterogeneous. Up to now, each test was designed according to a specific and national application area (wire. building…)

Under the drive of European Union that aims to make a wide area of free exchange, recent years have seen the upsurge of standardized tests that should be considered as new European standards, applicable all over in Europe. This is the case since 2001 for the building sector with the euroclasses, and new changes will soar in the railways sector 4 year from now.

Key parameters Current test method New requirements New parameters Dead line
Car Flame spread


Internal standard
nil nil nil

Flame spread
Smoke opacity (smoke corrosivity and toxicity)


IEC 60 3321-1

IEC 60 332-3

ASTM, E 662

Tubular furnace test

IEC 332-3 evolution Heat release Short term 2010
Building Flame spread

Din 4102

NF P 92-501-10

BS 476

Euroclasses EN
EN 13823

Heat release

Smoke release


Flame spread

Smoke opacity

(smoke toxicity)

SIN 5510

NF P 92-501-10

BS 6853

Pr EN 45545

Part 1-7

ISO 5660

Heat release Short term 2010


Flame spread

Smoke opacity

(smoke toxicity)

Fire test procedures


Resolution MSC(61)67

ISO 5660 Heat release Short term 2010

Flame spread

Smoke opacity

(smoke toxicity)

FAR part 25

JAR part 25

nil nil nil

CREPIM term carry out the full process of development and qualification, from the engineering and scale up studies up to the development of innovative solutions that meet the low smoke and toxic release requirement for high risk sector.

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