Development resources

Innovation is the key factor to sustain and develop market share on nowadays competitive and volatile markets. In order to increase our customer’s reactivity. CREPIM offers a complete outsourcing of the R&D service in combination with the development of innovative and successful formulation package

We have chosen to respond to the highest level of customer’s requirement. That explains why the more fundamental developments are carried out in collaboration with a high skilled academic entily (PERF laboratory)specialized in the fire resistance areas

The unique combination of these both entities to provide customer with the latest insights regarding material development.

Technology transfer

These common developments feature 2 axes of progress

1.Engineering process of fireproofing materials

This activity aims to develop polymer material or blend of polymers having improved fire retardant properties and reduced toxic gases and smoke production during combustion

Main insights are provided is the areas below:

  • Formulation of “Flame Retardant” materials based on new concepts such as intumescence,ceramic,synergetic effects,nanocomposites…
  • Study of interaction between additives and polymers
  • Materials thermal degradation and combustion study.
  • Hybrid and nanocomposites synthesis and characterisation.

2.Surface functionnalisation and charactersation

The basic concept target the deposition of thick(>50µm)or thin films with specific properties, leading to the modification of polymers or composites surfaces properties.

Concerned properties are numerous and feature mechanical, electrical, optic, photovoltaic, fire properties, barrier to diffusion, radiation, or corrosion, interface properties and biocompatibility properties.

Main insights are provided is the areas below:

  • “Sol-Gel” processes
  • Cross linking of organic components
  • Cold plasma
  • Chemical processes: Impregnation corrosion inhibitors
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